Introduction to Sustainable Design Thinking (+ Making)

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Parsons The New School, School for Design Strategies
Spring 2013

This course introduces students to the concepts of design thinking and making as strategies for documenting and addressing the challenges of contemporary sustainability. In the studio, students will learn about different models of designing with and thinking about sustainability, and will acquire a range of design research, ideation and production methods.  Students will map observed relationships in the built world and will develop methods for identifying, challenging, or changing these relationships. They will be asked to develop well-researched and considered personal approaches to sustainability as well as terms of evaluation for these approaches. Throughout the course students will use standard graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) to document their design and research process, which will result in a collection of writing and images, a sketchbook, to be submitted at the end of the term. The course will culminate in the research, design, prototyping and fabrication of a physical installation in 2 West 13th Street which will highlight, challenge, engage or change an aspect of the building’s sustainability. The goal of the course is to explore the agency of design as a means for producing intelligent, creative responses to the challenges of sustainability.

Student work by Marcus Ryder, Camila Capra, Elysia Belilove, Nicolas Sheehan, and Zachary Cento.

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